Photo taken by Bryan Williams, Houston Press
Col Rodney Horn is originally from Louisiana and flew as an Air Force B-52 Aircraft Commander, then served in senior staff positions with the Texas Air National Guard and United States Air Force. He served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spent three years as a Boeing 747 pilot with Pan Am and now flies for United Airlines as an Instructor Pilot in the Boeing 737.  He is also a certified aircraft mechanic. Rodney lives in Friendswood with his wife Misty (an Air Force Nurse) and four wonderful children. He flies the red RV-7A experimental aircraft “Misty’s Miracle.”
 LtCol C. L. “Bloke” Maurer comes from England and started as an Air Force Instructor Pilot then spent four years at the Air Force Flight Test Center. From there he flew Boeing 727’s for Pan Am in Berlin, Germany. After a several years in the Texas Air National Guard he joined United Airlines where he is a Captain flying the Airbus. He is a certified aircraft mechanic and Flight Instructor. He lives is Seabrook with a wonderful one-eyed cat (she runs the house) and he flies the experimental T-18 Tiger.