Once upon a time, Anita Long had a fashion design company in which she had her first cottage business with mohair sweater designs made in England and original Jewelry at Saks Fith Ave in Palo Alto CA and Neiman Marcus Union Square San Fransico.  She was an artistic director for 20 years conducting a Fashion Show in support of the cancer society.  Still, today dabbling in that area when she can with her "Vintage to Chic" private boutique.

You may know Anita as the founder and curator of The Ink Spots Museum dedicated to the memory of her father an original Inkspot member legendary guitarist Huey Long. Long was the last living member of the historic vocal group which, beginning in the 1930s, helped build a foundation for the future of rhythm and blues.  Mr.Long lived to be 105 years young.

Now Anita Long is a storyteller, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur.  She is the CEO of Long Films Studio and immediate past President of Women in Film and Television Houston, an international professional organization dedicated to empowering women in the industry.

Anita is Managing Editor of International Focus (IF) Magazine, a vehicle for businesses and cultures to cross-pollinate, be a voice for multicultural communities, bring a better understanding of each other’s cultures and lifestyles while fostering collaboration to build bridges of support and commentary. 
Ms. Long is an experienced educator and movie producer who has been awarded medals from The Smithsonian Institute; Permanent Research Collection housed at the National Museum of American History, Awards for “visionary use of information technology to effect positive educational political and economic change in society” and published in the Library of Congress. Examples of her work are published in the Library of Congress and in more than 30 museums and libraries around the country.

2019 Long Films and Company produced a 2-hour feature-length film documenting the first County Fair in Texas, The Washington County Fair.  The five-year project culminates in 2018 with the Sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of the founding of the fair in 1868.  She interviewed over 400 community people in Washintong County.

Her other credits include traveling and heading a National Initiative to Encourage Youth Across America to document the lives of elders in their communities.  Ms. Long continues her efforts serving as a filmmaker, educator, publicist, and media consultant. 

Her passion is about people, the opportunities to create and give voice to those in need of a storyteller. 

She is also the vice-president of the Federation of Houston Professional Women servicing over 30 women's organizations.  Anita loves being a platform for people and organizations to raise support for charitable causes, foster collaborations and positive changes and in the world.   Her hope is that it will be a vehicle for the people to have a voice not only for themselves but for the communities around them.

Anita always says that at the end of the day "it's all about Love".